19 Psychological Tips That Will Change Your Life 2 years ago

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19 Psychological Tricks That Will Improve Your Life. We try so hard to become better, smarter, stronger, and we often don’t look for easy ways. That’s too bad because there are less stressful ways that will give you the same outcome. However, there are less stressful ways to reach your goals.

Eye level 0:41
Long light 1:11
Google colors 1:30
Eating slowly 1:51
Zoo uniform 2:23
Banana joy 2:54
Workout coffee break 3:21
Hot spoon 3:47
Location importance 4:09
Saving nap 4:35
Amazing watermelon 4:53
Magic music 5:18
Memory fingers 5:39
Helping hand 6:01
Little men 6:24
Loud relaxation 7:02
Green tea wonders 7:33
Sleeping gymnastics 7:52
Calming yogurt 8:28
BONUS 8:43

- We are likely to buy those things that we see right in front of us. That's why marketing experts put more expensive products (or those that they need to sell fast) right at the level of your eyes.
- The candles will last longer if you put them in the freezer before lighting them up. Let some physics in your life. When the wax is frozen, it melts twice as long.
- To check the quality of your printer ink, just print the Google logo. We are not sure if this has been done intentionally, but the logo has all the necessary main colors in it.
- There is also an experiment stating that “fast eaters” gained about 4lbs in a month only because they were eating too fast, while “slow eaters” ended up with 1,5lbs of weight gaining.
- . If you love going to the Zoo, but animals hide from you, you can improve the situation with uniform-like clothes. Take on those things, which are similar to the Zoo workers’ uniform of shape and color.
- This yellow fruit is even called “the fruit of happiness,” in case you don’t know. The thing is, only one banana per breakfast is capable of lifting your mood for a half of your usual day.
- Fitness and workouts can be tiresome and slowly transform into a routine activity. So, it’s not a secret that people use various additional tricks for the fast fat-burning.
- This itching can nearly drive you insane. But there is a simple and very popular hack to cope with it. You just need to place a hot spoon on the bite, and you’ll forget about any itching.
- Before calling “911”, first disclose your location. And only then start describing the issue.
- A nap during a day improves your memory and protects you from the cardiovascular disease.
- Scientists surely know their job! Recently they have proved that watermelon is the natural Viagra with the similar effects: dilation and relaxation.
- If you are listening to the music during your workout, you become 15% more productive in lifting weights.
- To remember something immediately, clench your fist. This will boost the memory recalling the skills of your brain.
- Try to challenge your brain and make any of your ordinary habits (for example, brushing your teeth) with the nondominant hand.
- When you have to spend your time with a lot of children, you surely need all of your nerves and patience. If they become too annoying, we usually get upset, and everything ends up in anger and headaches. There is a small funny tip to help you. Try to think of them as of little drunk men.
- If you listen to the loud music at home, you feel happier and more relaxed than while doing it at a regular sound level.
- Green tea, as well as other metabolism boosters, can be helpful in your slimming. Just drink a cup of green tea and go to bed!
- We are happy to share the secret: the “4-7-8” exercise can help you. You need to inhale through your nose for a count of 4, then hold your breath for a count of 7, then exhale through your mouth for the count of 8. Four cycles and you are nearly sleeping!
- If you feel anxious, just eat some fat-free yogurt and two spoonfuls of nuts. Amino-acids will help you to calm down.
- If you want to know how a person treats you, try to read the body language.
Crossed legs and arms mean the “closed” position. Such a person is not ready to trust you.
If the person is relaxed and doesn’t cross the limbs – this is the “open” position. And it means this person likes spending time with you and enjoys the conversation.

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