1958 The Good Life American Lifestyle - Baby Boomers Welcome! 2 years ago

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Here's a great Baby Boomer film looking at the "Good Life" in America. A definitive Populuxe film on 1950's automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design.
This film combines industrial, interior and product design efforts together as "styling," and characterizes them as responses by industry to insistent consumer demands for the most modern products and environment along with a glimpse at Mid Century Modern living.
During the last third of this twenty-eight-minute film, it becomes clear that it was produced to celebrate modern design as exemplified in the "look" of the 1959 Chevrolets, the year that tailfins stretched to their greatest extent. Since, in that year, many General Motors models shared similar mechanical components, the film promotes the many alternative design options available to car buyers, stating that "America's greatest freedom (is) the freedom of individual choice." This visually dazzling and technically excellent film presents a great variety of clean and antiseptic late Fifties products and environments, and those interested in design history would do well to listen closely to its narration.